Admission FAQ

The answers below address common questions from prospective families. We also suggest browsing the Admission section of our website, which can be found here. Please reach out to the Admission Office ( or 800-422-3212) with your additional questions or to arrange a campus visit.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

How do I apply for financial aid?

About half of our students receive some form of financial aid/assistance. Those with exceptionally high scores on the SSAT may qualify for the Headmaster Scholarship Program. We also have financial aid for those families that demonstrate need through the Parent Financial Statement. While not everyone will qualify for need-based aid, the goal of the financial aid program is to ensure that Christ School shares in the financial sacrifice required to send your son to Christ School. Find out more about tuition and financial aid here.


What type of boys attend Christ School?

The “Christ School Boy” isn’t of a single mold. Boys come from 18 states and eight countries and bring many narratives, strengths, and areas that need growth. Christ School wants each student to become a better version of himself through his time here; a better student, friend, son, brother, and human being. Getting your son to be a 4.0 version of himself when he graduates as compared to the version he was upon enrollment is our goal.

Why all boys?

Boys learn and process information differently than girls. The single-gender education at Christ School allows teachers to tailor their classrooms and teaching styles to the specific needs of boys. Find out more about those needs and how Christ School meets them here. The school does host events with girls ranging from organized ones like dances and dinners with sister schools, as well as impromptu weekend trips and campus sporting events with girls from the Asheville area. 

Why start at 8th grade?

Although boys enroll at all grade levels, joining the community as an 8th grader can better help set up students for success over time. 8th grade usually has between 25-30 boys, all of whom matriculate onto 9th grade. Almost half of students who attend Christ School from 8th grade through their senior year become senior leaders and over half of Christ School students who become National Merit Scholars enroll in 8th grade. Find out more about starting in 8th grade here.

What is Christ School’s campus like?

Campus is 500 acres within the Blue Ridge Mountains. The core of campus is the academic and student life areas that surround the original school building, now called Yard A. Beyond those buildings are the athletic fields, tennis courts, a golf practice area, a lake, and 5 miles of hiking, biking, and running trails, that are cut through our 500 acres. Find out more about living on campus here. Find out more about living on campus here. 

How close is Christ School to Asheville, NC?

Christ School is only a 15-minute drive into downtown Asheville, which the students utilize for arts, dining, entertainment and cultural events.

Can we visit campus?

There’s no better way to get a feel for Christ School than to visit campus. You can arrange a visit through the Admission department by emailing or by calling 800-422-3212.


What are academics like at Christ School?

Christ School is academically rigorous and challenges each student appropriately. We offer 24 honors courses and 20 Advanced Placement courses in addition to many standard classes. There are 43 teaching faculty, 65% of whom hold advanced degrees. Small class sizes with a 6:1 student to teacher ratio ensure every boy receives the academic support he needs.

Over the last five years Christ School has produced more National Merit Semi-Finalists than any other school in Western North Carolina. Find out more at about academics at Christ School. 

What colleges do Christ School graduates attend?

Christ School graduates attend schools ranging from large universities to small colleges across the world. From Harvard to Duke, UCLA, and the University of St Andrews, the College Guidance Office works with each boy and their parents to find the perfect higher education fit.

Student Life

Which meals are provided for day students?

Day students can eat all of their meals at Christ School—breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 7 days a week. 

What sports and afternoon activities are offered?

Every student is required to take part in an afternoon activity. That could be a sport—we field 19 teams across 10 sports—or an extracurricular like Christ School Broadcast Network (CSBN), Outdoor Program, theater, and others. Find out more about Christ School's athletic offerings here. 

What do boarding students do on the weekends?

The Student Activities office ensures that there’s never a dull moment for the boys. On weekends the team offers trips that include hikes, community service, Walmart supply runs, professional and college sporting events, concerts, and more. The cost of these activities is covered by the school to ensure that all students can participate. See Student Activity offerings here. 

Do the boys have to wear a uniform?

Christ School doesn’t have a uniform, but there is a dress code. Find out more about the dress code at this link. 

What is a 5-day boarder?

The 5-day boarding program allows students who live within 60 miles to board during the weekdays and spend their weekends at home.

How often do the boys interact with girls?

Events with girls range from organized ones like dances and dinners with sister schools, as well as impromptu weekend trips and campus sporting events with girls from the Asheville area. Christ School believes boys act more naturally around their female peers when having an activity or event to plan and participate in together.